About Us

About Rocky Branch Vacation Home

We are a group of people who love mother nature and believe that nature is internally connected with us. She gives us her pure energy.

This holiday house is just next to a few dragons and an energy ball, ( See a photo). Living in such a house can help us calm down, feel everything, be free from all kinds of worries, and enjoy a mentally and physically clean feeling. We would love to share this nature energy house with others.

You are welcome here for a family reunion, friend gatherings, corporate meetings, or a romantic and happy weekend. Make great memories with your family here at Rocky Branch Vacation Home and on Beaver Lake nestled in the Ozarks.

Take advantage of all Beaver Lake offers (water sports, fishing, hiking, or scuba diving). Or, just relax and unwind. And enjoy the spectacular views and accommodations.

See you soon!

Beaver lake dragon